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Stops you from looking down so that you LookUp!

Are you tired of being yelled at to “LOOK UP!” But, you don’t even realize you are looking down when you ride?

As a trainer are you tired of yelling at your students to LOOK UP?

We have the solution! LookUp Glasses are designed so that there is no value in looking down because your lower field of vision is blocked.
In order to see you have to look through the slit, which causes you to look up! Simple easy to use, put on the glasses and let them do the work for you!
Your horse will thank you so that he can be in better balance as you look up.

Caution: Practice wearing LookUp Glasses at home in a safe environment before wearing them while on your horse. Stop, and remove the glasses if you feel any discomfort or concern.

“Dear Wendy; I saw a FB ad last week for your Look Up Glasses and bought them as soon as I read ‘Is your instructor tired of telling you to look up?’ After a laugh my instructor put on the glasses and confirmed that they put your eye in the right place. I’ve taken two lessons with them now. One on my old friend Sunday (now 22) and one with my youngster Banner, who just turned 6.

My instructor is thrilled with the improvement of my position. I’ve been trying to learn to feel what the horse is doing. The glasses block my view of the horse and I find that magically I’m much better at feeling the horse when I can’t see him.

The glasses will be part of my flatwork routine for at least the near future.

Thank you! Sarah, via email

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