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Now a self-help system to improve your riding. As with all equipment used around your horse you must acclimate your horse so that if it should come loose or flutter in the wind the horse is not disturbed. So take some time to let him get use to the movement of the Equibands from the ground first.

• Black – for small, lightweight riders or during the weaning process to not needing a band at all
• Gold – strongest band for large men or very committed habit patterns
• Silver – for most adult riders this band will work best if you tend to push against the stirrup (look at a photo to see if the leather is angled toward the horse’s front legs) and for synthetic Western saddles


Above is the gold Equiband is being used with a therapeutic riding student who was having trouble posting. Note that the Equiband is tied to the inside branch of the stirrup and placed over the cantle of the saddle. In settings such as riding schools and therapeutic programs the Equiband can help to make the available saddles work for a wide variety of riders by holding the stirrup back underneath the rider or, just like training wheels, supporting the rider’s leg in place in case they inadvertently push the stirrup forward.

Tie the band using a half-hitch followed by a quick release knot. Run the end of the band back through the loop of the quick release knot so that it will not come untied while riding. Always be sure to check that the band is firmly secured before mounting. Should the band come loose on one side it could frighten your horse so it is very important to check the knots every time you ride.



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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in

Black, Gold, Silver