Physiograph Blocks, The “Squishy” Blocks (Pair)



The Physiograph block was born out of veterinarians placing the Physiopad on top of a radiograph block to see how the horse was distributing his weight over each hoof. On a solid block, one cannot tell where or how much weight the horse is placing on each hoof. The Physiograph Block will yield to pressure. On the Phyiopad side, it will give depending upon where the horse is placing the weight (toe, heel, evenly across the hoof), which will be evident on the radiograph. Placing the Comfort Block side up will create a stiffer surface for the hoof but still yield to the weight distribution on the Physiopad side, which is on the ground.

Below are radiographs of a laminitic horse standing on a typical radiograph block  and the Physiograph Block (below).

Weight distribution appears even on a standard block (top image). But when the block can give to the horse’s weight, the right front is clearly not bearing the same amount of weight or has the same distribution as the left front (bottom image).


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The pads come packaged in pairs, along with a Warranty Card registration form and QR code for immediate access to the SURE FOOT Equine website. Pads will show wear over time. Nicks, tears, and cuts are considered normal wear and tear and do not limit the effects of the pads in any way.

Warning: Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the SURE FOOT Equine Stability Program before using SURE FOOT pads with your horse. Failure to follow instructions could result in death or serious injury.  See instructions for use on the SURE FOOT DVD, SURE FOOT Equine website and Sure Foot Equine YouTube Channel.

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