The Hay Soaker – Available January 2022




Tired of trying to lift wet hay from a bucket?
Need to soak hay every day but it’s too much hassle?
Here’s your solution!

$1599.00 + S&H

The Hay Soaker is easy to use, easy to move, and easy to clean.

Time Lapse Video (longer video below).

Horses with insulin resistance and older horses need hay that is safe to eat and easier to digest. The Hay Soaker is a simple and easy to use self-draining soaker that reduces sugars and dust without the soggy mess of water buckets and haynets.

The unit can be set up with a bluetooth timer to run automatically with no electricity requirement, just 4-AA batteries. A Smartphone connection sets fill and drain timers so that you can walk away knowing your hay will soak for the desired amount of time and be ready to feed when you are. Set your drain hose in the landscaping around your barn and make another task easy!

When the unit is empty it can be easily moved by tilting onto the wheels using the handle. Portability means you can take your Hay Soaker on the road or can be stored away between uses.

The Hay Soaker holds approximately one-half bale of hay (quantity varies depending on bale size). You can also soak beet pulp and hay cubes.

Take the backache out of soaking hay for your horse with the Hay Soaker!

We are still working out all the details and hope to have it available by the end of 2020.

Purchase this item as an “expression of interest” and we will send you more information when they become available!

2 Minute Video