One pair each of our SURE FOOT Hard Pads and Hard Slants.

SURE FOOT Equine Hard Pads (Impression)  These are the firmest pad in the SURE FOOT pad in the lineup. There are two working direct surfaces. One side is DuraFlex coated. This pad feels solid and gives slowly under the horse’s weight. It will continue to give until the entire load bearing area of the hoof is in contact with the pad thereby taking the impression of the horse’s hoof from the ground perspective. The horse’s hoof impression will remain for several minutes after the horse steps off allowing you to observe how the horse is weight bearing on each hoof. You can see where a horse carries the most weight in his hoof, such as the toe, heel, or side. Pads are warranted against breakage (cuts, minor slices, dents or bites are considered normal wear and tear) and delamination of either the pad or DuraFlex coating.

SURE FOOT Equine Hard Slant Pads are made of the same material as the SURE FOOT Hard Pads (orange top). Many horses who have had some issues in the hind quarters relax when standing on the Hard Slants. The angle creates slight changes in horse’s joint angles (both front and rear legs), which affects the joint proprioceptors. The Hard Slants have less give than the SURE FOOT Equine Firm Slants so the hoof will more supported with less give. Hard Slants may be used under both front and rear hooves, heel high, heel low and sideways. They may be used alone or in combination with other SURE FOOT Equine Pads. Use with the colored side up for greater stability.

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WARNING: This product can expose you to phthalates, including di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (“DEHP”), which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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